Being born is like winning lotto  ...  Life's the prize!  
Point of View ... with its panoramic views and scenic walks too! Is open to guests at-times! Especially travellers in nature and awareness! Limited accomodation, can be exchanged for casual work like, scenic walking track maintenance and, practical improvements. Point of View's picturesque tranquil native-bush tracks and other scenic settings, is situated on rolling heights over looking Helensville, the Kaipara river and harbour. Only, half an hour's drive via route16, (the western gateway to Northland)  from Auckland ... New Zealand's. largest city and, the country's main airport. Point of View: Is handy to hot mineral pools, cafes, surf-beaches, fishing, sky-diving, kayaking, boat trips, horse-riding, vineyards, restaurants and bars; with an unconventional well travelled convivial social-commentator Host! Who "at-times" enjoys rational stimulating conversation on subjects like, our environment, current affairs, cosmology, music, poetry, history, philosophy and pure reasoning  ... a clearer awareness of our existence!

carl sagan

"Synthetic realities and clear-awareness, are incompatible"
Circular logic and logical fallacies, are "the reasoning of extremists" and the downfall of rational thought. I would define an extremist, including fervent nationalists, religious fundamentalist, pseudo science followers and conspiracy theorists. As someone whose synthetic naive beliefs cannot be swayed by "reason, logic or evidence. If left unchallenged, a collective danger globally for freely informed democratic progressive cultures and Civilization. ... ... ... ... ... ... Daniel

Beyond 2000.
Real ... basic freedoms, awareness, fair dealing and democracy!
Are essential for humanities fruitful longevity. ......
Daniel Howe.

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Te Awaroa  

I hear the surf, yet see a harbour; I watch a river from its tidal stream,  Venus comes in the evening like western waves on an open breeze.   Sun-up mist fills the valleys   as lazing clouds rests are seized!  Earth, goes 'round showering moments;   lifeís a moving pictured scene.



Rearranged star-dust that's what we are and, what we'll always be.

It’s mostly choices, sliding down the slippery slopes of self destruction; or, climbing mountains within the soul ... reaching on for the attainable!

I, used to know a lady.
I, used to know a lady
who thought she loved me all the time,
until she grew to love herself
now, we’re friends in mind.
I used to know the heart of towns
or, at-least it’s raging bits,
until I saw town's crazy sides
from my side of the trips.
I used to think of loving
body over mind,
until I came upon a teacher
and she’s the married kind.
I used to think the pace of change
wound on, but oh so slow
until internet, took the round road
around Earth and stole the reason show.
I used to think of living
in different sorts of ways,
until I saw around some bends
now it’s day by day.
I used to know a lady,
the heart of every town
the pace of change, of living
the freedom to love around,
until I came upon myself
and looked at life a new;
now, all I really want
is, to share these moments through,
and ... all I’ve really needed
is, to live these moments true!
"I used to know a Lady".


Kaipara harbour.

The essence of living is quality! Quality of
love, quality of knowledge, quality of our
environment and quality of growth.

Visited well, since 1995, regular updates ... 2013