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Suicide bombers eternal demise!

Sad, there’s still gullible humans alive out there! Who, thoughtlessly permit devious other human beings to do the basic thinking for them. With, most of these manipulators of the lost, having a far wider agenda than these lost souls. Including, the teaching and preaching! That blowing your-self up! Amongst the innocent, "for some selfish” not self-less perceived reason ... will bring you instant glory and … eternal!

What a spiritually naive thought! To think some vengeful, hateful, all-powerful fundamentalist god! Some-where on out there! Could ever exist ... That, would love and welcome you! And, if of a certain religious persuasion … with numerous virgins too! All this, for becoming a terroriser and murderer of the innocent! And ... in their own, god's name! Shame, they won’t ever feel, the mental anguish and eternal torment of knowing they could never ever, have arrived ... into such a mystic thoughtless irrationality!

In my ever humbling opinion! If, any prevailing god or gods exist or existed at all! Their resilient intelligent aware powers, could only have been won and held, with-in Nature, through "love and enlightenment", never ever hate! Any, aspiring god with such hatred for a good percentage of his or her, own fallible, human creation! Would … always lose the plot, like the bombers … and, self-destruct … into eternal nothingness! Long before they could ever, eternally resurrect ... even, them-selves! Let alone, be able and willing, to resurrect and reward! Naive rampant murderers of the innocent!

Let’s let … any-one’s god! Of worth and creation … sort-out, his or her! Own ... self created fiends ... as they alone could and should, if … and when, their own creation becomes too displeasing for them. If, they’re so … all powerful, they won’t need the help of murderers! And, then man-kind may grow enough! To sort out their own self created fiends, "Including all synthetic realities, of all persuasions", on this! Our one and only … shared ... Space-rock ... Earth!


London, Religion of Peace' Demonstration! Pardon?

Emailed photos show Muslims brandishing signs advocating violence against anyone who insults Islam at a purported 'Religion of Peace demonstration' in London


Beam them up Scotty!

The door knock I answered produced two beings of a kind

true robots of their ayatollahs, glassy eyes stoned in ignorance

gleaming radio rheamer smiles!

But, some minds have seen enough obstinacy

to just stand politely and face burbling crap fanatically entwined.

They probably can’t wait to depart this brief spell

and zoom >>>to given eternal glory ... god, knows where,

they sure don’t and, never to know they never arrived!

What perverse awakening reason,

from a past still evolving of mystic irrationality.

No sadistically satirical genius creator, preaching their love

showing little ... will zoom them to their glory!

They’re there.




Tsunami’s child

She says she’s now left, left all alone!
She says this and more
while standing on, what was her life
her dreams … her home.
It’s now all beneath her
or washed out to sea,
the children she cherished
a sea served village
and a husband that pleased.

She searched and searched
then searched her mind!
For all that was and
then why! Her, God’s will
let her survive … into a hell
where no-ones alive
bar, a neighbouring young boy
who now, won’t leave her side.

He, says he’s been left …
left all alone! As he stands wounded
near what was his home.
It’s all gone now, most out to sea
with thousands and thousands
of extended families.
Where have they gone ... and, why not me?
They held each other and
vowed this day to comfort with love
this scared shared pain of seeing what’s loved
just flushed … like a drain.

Such enormous proportions are hard to describe,
the sheer will of Nature, tides higher than high
when tectonic plates coerce and displace
creating waves so humongous so strong!
They surge right through palm-shaded towns
taking near all … just taking them down,
down to the sea and depths far beyond
humanities hands, that can care and bond.

She’s on her own now, except you and I
and ... the boy next door with no family ties.

Daniel Howe.