I'm a thinker
of thoughts
before the pen
I like to think and think
then ... question again.
When I pen
a need's to show
eloquent simplicity
with meaning and tone
in ... my humble opinion!


Below is a selection of my poetry, which I do alter from time to time. Some of the lyrical poems, such as, Nuclear Insanity (listen or free download) Rahui (listen or free download) Seymour’s turf and Sweeter Dreams, have been musically arranged and, sung by talented New Zealand recording artists ... including my singer/writer Sis, Cathrene. Many of these poems are published, including in my books ....  Earth Ink & Ecstasy.

  WRITINGS/POEMS ... input from others.


Our Mangamuka summer (Terrence & I)

Intellectual Ecstasy (Linda)
 The Voice Within (Juliet)
A Point of View (Colleen)
Stranger who knows my soul
Tapestry of life Linda
Drive the Car (Marcus)
Daniel's way


My best friend Susan (pictured with her daughter Karen)

was tragically taken from this life in a senseless auto collision.
 Such! a beautiful part of so many lives.

Tribute to Susan

Over the years poetry seems to have become my first form of written expression,
an honest window into a travelled soul, with no stone unturned.

 Waterfalls ... Juliet.

 Question everything ... all the prophets are dead!

If, you can picture yourself in my scene
for a moment passing by
the visual effect of the overall

will flash before the eye
a brief encounter with a travelled soul
who's shaken the odds to survive.


  up-dated ... 2013