An aerial view of Helensville and Kaipara River / Harbour, taken above Point of View.  

Point of View ... with its panoramic views and scenic walks too! Is open to guests at-times! Especially travellers in nature and awareness. Limited accomodation, can be exchanged for casual work like, scenic walking track maintenance and, practical improvements. Point of View's picturesque tranquil native-bush walking trails and other scenic nature-park settings, is situated on rolling heights over looking Helensville, the Kaipara river and harbour. Only, half an hour's drive via route16, (the western gateway to Northland)  from Auckland ... New Zealand's. largest city and, the country's main international airport.
Point of View: Is handy to ... hot mineral pools, cafes, surf-beaches, fishing, sky-diving, kayaking, boat trips, horse-riding, vineyards, restaurants and bars; with a convivial unconventional well travelled Host ... who at-times, enjoys stimulating conversations on subjects from our environment, current affairs, cosmology, music, poetry, history, philosophy, pure reasoning  and ... clear awareness!

carl sagan

Beyond 2000.
Real ... basic freedom, awareness, fair dealing and democracy;
are essential for humanities fruitful longevity. ......

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Te Awaroa
I hear the surf, yet see a harbour;  
I watch a river from its tidal stream, 
Venus comes in the evening 
like western waves on an open breeze.  
Sun-up mist fills the valleys  
as lazing clouds rests are seized! 
Earth, goes 'round showering moments;  
life’s a moving pictured scene.



Being born, is like winning Lotto ... Life's the prize!.


New Zealand.

This southern eden,
encircled by its seas,
these isles of telling tales
and, vivid memories.
This, place apart from others,
rivers lakes it's streams,
mountains forests fertility,
shades of growing children.
Our people of the land,
voyagers of the seas,
home, to changing tides!
This earth, these skies;

Aotearoa New

Visited well, since 1995, regular updates ... 2012

Kaipara harbour.

The essence of living is quality! Quality of
love, quality of knowledge, quality of our
environment and quality of growth.