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Interview with another
Daniel Howe in New Zealand -
December 2001


(INTERVIEW) Daniel, this interview is conducted over e-mail. Where (in your house) are you sitting right now? What time is it in New Zealand?

>>>At my computer in my lounge, it's 11.30am Tuesday NZ time, still Monday night your time.........

(INTERVIEW) Please tell us a bit about where you live, in New Zealand.

>>>My Property (Point of View) is a picturesque tranquil native-bush, Natue walks and grassed semi-rural property situated on rolling heights over looking Helensville, the Kaipara river and harbour. Only half an hour's drive via route 16, the western gateway to Northland  from Auckland ... New Zealand's  largest city, which also has the country's main international airport. Point of View, is also handy to hot mineral pools, west coast surfing beaches, forest, fishing, sky-diving, boat trips north, horse-riding trails, vineyards, restaurants and cafes.

(INTERVIEW) What kind of animals are roaming on your property? We have seen pictures from horses to lamas.

>>>The lamas belong to a friend and, my property was used by an American film company as scenic background for filming them. I don't like keeping animals for killing (meat). I do often say, I farm global travellers (in a small way) though in separate guests accommodation close to my home. I appreciate help developing a small maturing Olive grove, Pinenuts, Pinetrees and also a new small Vineyard, plus of course improving the Nature walks. I do though have a German shepherd named Kim, but no other animals just now since my cat of 18yrs died of old age last winter. I have had friends horses from time to time and ducks . My Native bush is filled with bird life and I encourage them. Morning dawn always has a chorus of singing birds. I have over 1Km of wide native bush & Nature tracks on the property which are used by family, guests, friends and, now supervised visits by some primary school children and College art classes.

(INTERVIEW) Point of View, your very picturesque property, has been visited by many people worldwide. What do you think of the Canadian culture in comparison to other cultures that you were given the chance to meet?

>>>Very good! I have meet and made friends with some great Canadians. I feel more at home (often) with North American travellers including the USA than any other cultures, except maybe! Australians, who like the USA to you ... are our bigger brash next door neighbour cousins.

(INTERVIEW) The first movie of Lord of the Rings was shot in New Zealand. Do you think it is good publicity? How are people in NZ reacting to that?

>>>Great publicity for New Zealand. Our Prime Minister Helen Clarke has recently stated that a big boost to our tourist trade should result from these films and are financially supporting overseas promotion over this. New Zealanders too are very supportive! and, Peter Jackson is now it seems being internationally recognized for his directing genius.

(INTERVIEW) Have you read Tolkien’s novels?

>>>No, friends have and I may now! Will definitely see the 1st film though.

(INTERVIEW) Please tell us about yourself, when you where around Dan’s age (Dan in Canada). Where there any similarities?

>>>From what I know of Dan, a few. Like his interests in quality cars, quality friends! socializing and questioning everything! My teens and 20s were in the 60's and 70's  ... you could say I'm a mellowing hippie! but, not quite true ... I have looked at all sides of life and very deeply at times, but I'm not a herd animal, I'm more a people watcher ... I probably circle more than join. There is a poem of mine on my poetry page called Quebec Dan ... which I feel captures a word picture of Quebec Daniel.

(INTERVIEW) What about the similarities now, in the year 2001?

>>>Awareness, politics, history, global current affairs, the Internet, our fragile environment, Mars, space, peace, love and, understanding of Nature's strengths and beauty.

(INTERVIEW) Daniel, your poems on your web site clearly demonstrates that you are highly in touch with your emotions. How do you find the inspiration to write? Does this come natural to you?

>>>In the last couple of years (since 1999) my poetry has not flowed the same, but it may return.  Over the years poetry seems to have become my first form of written expression, an honest window into a travelled soul, with no stone unturned. I was informed in my teens that a coming health condition could shorten and limit my quality of life, so I've mainly seized!! each day and most nights too! Fortunately my health (through becoming my own doctor 1st and, more medical understanding) has kept alot more stable than diagnosed by so called specialists of their day. My poetry is very philosophical and autobiographical, intense thought, understanding and feelings are involved.

Question everything ... all the prophets are dead! I say.

(INTERVIEW) When did you write your first poem and, when did you realize you were a poet?

>>>1st poem (of sorts) back in my teens, then the odd ones for girlfriends (I recall one not believing I could have written the love poem to her). I only realized I was a poet in my mid 30s after encouragement from a creative writing group to recite live in Auckland City poetry venues and, then getting good positive feedback back from the audiences. Also having some musically arranged, sung at nightclubs, recorded and played on Radio helped me. I will probably never forget my joy the 1st night I watched and listened to my own poetic songs being sung to an enthusiastic dancing crowd at an Auckland City Nightclub.

 (INTERVIEW) Let me quote a few lines from one of your darkest poems, Global Warning:

“there’s global warnings for all to see
forest fires … lack of trees
phantom waves … rising seas
polar bears with deformed genitals
brought about by industrial chemicals”

 (INTERVIEW) Do you think that humanity is on a path to destruction?

>>>Possibly, but I am basically an optimist, we now have the technology to monitor our environmental stupidity and the knowledge to correct our mistakes, like we are doing over the ozone layer.  I do think (as my poem, To be, states)  we are Nature's superbrats and ... pushing it!

Nature will seek harmony, with or with-out Humanity.

(INTERVIEW) Many poets write when they are under the influence of strong emotions. Can you recall writing such a poem that poured a lot of emotions out of you?

>>>Many!  One of my most emotional ones was written in 1999 a few months after suddenly losing my Lover (in an auto accident), then my only Brother in the same week! it's called Finality's infinity.  It's on my Web poetry page like another, To be.

(INTERVIEW) How will you celebrate this Christmas?

>>>I'm not a great Christmas person, but I think it is a good day for close family and friends to celebrate life and living it.  I often go to the beach earlier in the day in my 4 wheel drive, then have visitors around mid afternoon. Being summer here, outside is often more likely than inside the home.

 (INTERVIEW) What do you think of the new war against terrorism?

>>>I think it's very necessary, but it won't be all solved by bullets and bombs. They may cut off the limbs of terrorism but the roots are often alot deeper and harder. Like, lack of democracy, especially in the middle east and, lack of a just settlement between Israel and Palestine.  It may not be long to before wars are fought over global warming and water and pollution, if collectively we don't work together for harmony with Nature as well as basic awareness and understanding with all our neighbours.

(INTERVIEW) You seem to be very aware of what is going on on an international level. Are you in touch with American news as well?

>>>I do keep intouch via satellite and Internet with news from all around the World, including many in the USA. Also having travellers from many countries coming here and, often helping the over-all improvements of this tranquil property with me, keeps informing communications flowing both ways.

My parents were historians and I was brought up enjoying knowing history and current affairs. I also studied Political science awhile and travelled alot when younger. Synthetic realities and clear awareness are incompatable ... in my humble opinion!

(INTERVIEW) Do you have any kind of advice that you would like to give to Dan (Canada Dan)?

>>>Do as you would be done by ... and he probably does! and ... enjoy the moments! ... gather rose-buds while you may! or at least have time to smell them. Seek love, balance, enlightenment and quiet content.

(INTERVIEW) From the pictures we have seen of you, you seem very tall. What is your height?

 >>>>5feet 11 inches, I'm fairly lean these days through a mobility disability which slows me some so extra weight is undesirable.

(INTERVIEW) Are you going to release a book with a compilation of your poems?

>>>I hope to again soon.  I do have 3 different books of my poetry out there in a limited way, plus my Website, Point of View.  http://homepages.ihug.co.nz./~howe/

(INTERVIEW) Thank you Daniel for taking the time to answer this interview. We appreciate your time.

Thanks for the stimulating interview.

Seasons Cheers!

Daniel. Point of View.


To visit Daniel Lee Howe on the Web:   http://www3.sympatico.ca/askdan/english.htm



Finality's infinity

To be true,
there's never
a right moment
for this sort of grief,
seldom ever
the right good bye,
life can heal
but never remove
these scars
they're too deep
too close too soon
too final and
too much for now,
but, after all
there was sunshine
before those storms
flowers and warming hands
dew drops to singing tui,
love, seemed so around,
now and only just,
just again,
there’s warm days
storm days gray days
fair days and light,
sunshine some days
and sunshine some nights,
warm smiles warm eyes
living and life,
all different from yesterdays
for the rest of all whiles,
such a sad and beautiful World.


  To be

There’s something unique

in perceiving

the raw beauty of Nature,

seeing feeling breathing hearing

and reasoning our moments.

To be

this part of the whole,

so evolved and versatile

that we

now build space stations

gene transplant and soon

make round trips to Mars.

Now, so knowing

we scare ourselves

with our abilities beyond good.

More gods … of self`

than any god’s playthings,

we’re Nature’s superbrats

and, pushing it.

Daniel Howe