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Beaming On!

The door knock I answered produced two Beings of a kind true robots of their Ayatollahs, glassy eyes stoned in ignorance gleaming radio rheamer smiles! But, some minds have seen enough obstinacy to just stand politely and face burbling crap fanatically entwined. They probably canít wait to depart this brief spell and zoom >>> >>>to given eternal glory ... god, knows where! They sure donít and, never to know they never arrived. What perverse awakening reason, from a past still evolving of mystic irrationality. No sadistically satirical genius creator, preaching their love Ö showing little! Will zoom them to their glory ... theyíre there!

Yes ... theyíre there! I, humbly say.

Well! Any-way ... beaming on now! Beaming on. Recently while out pleasure driving I had to brake sharply when a small car driven by a rather large woman, pulled out of a side-alley right in front of me and ... on her rear bumper (well the car's actually) I read this strange sticker which said, "Beam me up lord ". I straight away thought ... well, if I had been a big Mac and I donít mean one of those nutritionally suspect kinds I mean one of those "big" Mac's that can make a small man sit high and a ball-ish woman look right. Well, If Iíd been driving one of those machines and with a little less attention, she may have gotten her wish. Obviously! sheís reached her potential ... beam her up Scotty! I say, her faith after-all is eternal ... rainbows of the stars, never to know she never arrived. I then asked myself, how could she justify her existence and her god's. Who in her mind, would be pleased to see her arriving for her eternal glory ... though uncalled and rather early, via her own stupidity. What mystic irrationality ... I humbly! say.

Any-way, beaming on now, beaming on. I also ask myself of late lately: Why do some people insist on being 110% sure or 150 % not guilty, where is it all going to end, they are maligning 100%ers. I have always been of the opinion that 100% is total, no questions needed, but it probably wont be long before certain people who think they can still pull an ounce of honesty out of some-where consider 100% and more is now starting to look like suspect bullshit and, the likes of the O.J's. will start reducing their 100% pluses to around 99% just to convince them-selves that they may yet be convincible. Yes ... Iíve reassured my-self, there are such types as, the good the bad and the acquitted!. So, Beam him on up somewhere too Scotty; and, as O.J. craves the best, a place where Civil trials are not allowed, gloves wonít shrink and, flamboyant lawyers still abound.

Well, any-way ... beaming on now, on and on! Some-thing else Iíve asked my-self of late lately, is: Whatís been more harmonious; in-love, or, out of it, or, out of it and right in it, or just plain out-of it. As for out of it, well, it might put me right in it, so I think Iíll just keep out of it, except to say. If youíre going to take some-thing down! as-far as your lungs other than fresh air, you may as well make it worth-while, not brain-less like legalized nicotineís and glues. Nicotineís dictionary definition states; itís a colorless addictive poison. In other words, itís legalized euthanasia, slow but sure. As for mindless gluies, theyíve really lost the plot, some-thing a bit more natural please! Stick to quality I say and ... breathing always passes time, so ... I take in fresh air. Itís impossible to justly legislate against whatís put up or down our bodies, even if for no other reason than itís a victimless crime and, If we except other-wise, where will it end?. What next thatís hazardous in excess should we ban; coffee, itís legalized speed! like sugar and sweets, or should we ban excess fats, like in McDonalds etc ... or may-be alcohol, a social pleasure in moderation, yet often a prelude to brutal violence. Still, I say banning wonít work, other-wise, where will it end. It's different strokes for different folks, I say; with-in ... *moderation, education, some self-control, personal esteem and personal goals* Then! freed-up resources could be utilized against real crimes like, crimes of emotional and physical violence and, their early roots.

Well, any-way beaming on now, beaming right on. As for in-love and in it: How often will lovers say, this is love Ďtill a dying day then slowly slowly drift away, how often?. Amazing! still amazing. Then again we are but mere mortals experiencing the by-products of our life choices and, communication break downs are often a moving-on experience in more ways than one. Yes, the saying holds ... itís better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Well, Iíve sure won and lost some, but! Like love once held for-ever, life keeps churning on, on rippling rivers of moments, past dreams that once were home. So, donít ... Beam me up just yet Scotty! I still say.

Any-way; beaming on, beaming on now. Well, it seems once in Space, Astronauts become much more Global in their thoughts, often pointing to the fact that Earth has no borders or barbed wire viewed from these positions and, these positions I also noted are not necessarily "all" to do with past joint visits and stays in the Russian Space Station by the likes of space-woman, who! when a-board have had their own private quarters for sleeping and leisure. Well! I asked myself, was this extra leisure privacy really necessary? ... why yes! came back a cheeky reply. ĎCause, thereís often School classes visually tuned to the likes of the Space Station and, on the off chance or, chances often, that happenings of a bonding kind, may happen! Then I say, its better they float around like mating humming birds in some bubbled privacy ... well, at-least during all global Schooling hours! Iím sure there's steamy Cable channels who could have payed handsomely towards the Space-Station's rising costs, for sole rights of coded after-hours triple x rated happenings of a weightless suitless bonding kind! Beam them on in Scotty ... some would pray and pay and play!

Any-way, beaming on ... on just alittle more seriously now! Astronauts, clearly view Mother Earth more as it is. A co--dependent environmentally fragile Global Village, thatís still a real paradise amongst our Stars ... John Glenn says this well, after 35yrs on Earth in-between outer space orbits. Yet, out-dated negativity is still preached by those who rely on miss-information to regurgitate their shades of tunneled-vision. So, I asked my-self this. In this age of information super highways and real! to-day issues such as global warming and ... over-population rearing their tell-tale heads ever higher and higher. Then may-be, just may-be! collectively globally there should be some consideration to an International Space-Station Jail, of sorts. Possibly with an input from the now revamped post ... Boutros Boutros Boutros Boutros -- Ghali Ghali Ghali Ghali, UN. A kind of space confined ... short sharp shock, for the likes of persistent over-the-top tribal and religious bigots, with accommodating room as well for a few suspect politicians too, to revalue and rethink their so-called priorities. It may have turned the likes of Saddam Hussein into a modern-day Moslem Gandhi! though I fear the ripe time for his conversion has slipped by, by about four decades. If he was up there now he would probably proclaim himself God! or Mother of all Domains, not to mention Kuwait ... and, just in case volunteers started cueing up for space happenings of a bonding kind, after over-viewing triple x rated space explorations via courtesy of their favorite steamy Cable channel, I say ... conjugal rights should not! Not be of right, but left, left out all together! It then would be my considered ... and ... ever humbling opinion, that before too long, some of these over-zealots would soon be bending knees and straightening minds, even when praying or philosophizing. Soon, gazing regularly down at Mother Earth, instead of over-fantasizing towards some black-holes of delusion, well beyond light-years ever humanly penetrable. Beam me down, right down! Scotty ... Many will pray.

Anyway; Beaming on now! Bugger this! Unusually and unfortunately lately, bestiality! Twice ...has been focused on by reputable news services. First, was the case of a rather strange former Kiwi man, now living in Aussie. He apparently (over a short period of time) happily enjoyed freely buying many female pet rabbits from a particular Sydney Pet shop. Untill, he arrived yet again to buy new additions for his rabbit family and, the shop owner noticed what appeared to be rabbit scratches over his face! This soon led the appropriate authorities to other molested dead rabbits being found scattered in his outer backyard. Pardon! What the hell was he doing with these rabbits to get scratches like that? Actually I don't won't to know … but, I hope he gets the stiff justice and help he so rightfully deserves! And, of-course, the surviving rabbits too. Rabbit buyers are now going to come under quick suspicion, especially if they can't breed rabbits fast enough for their sordid ways, so keep returning back to pet shops to replenish there ever depleting harems.

Second case, was in the USA, where three weirdo kinky males took turns at videoing and performing buggery acts during darkened night hours with an unaware farmer neighbours stallions! Trouble started for these guys duing there last night of beastly filming of this performance. The stallion got abit carried away with his starring role … penetrating far too deep! For his willing mating partner's futher deviant sexual desirers! Thus, in the excitement of it all … severely rupturing the poor bugger internally with an in-depth climatic thrust! ending for all-time a beastly short-lived affair. Following on, were some very difficult explaining by the surviving buggers with appropriate policing authorities who were rather quickly informed by hospital emergency staff of these heavy-hoofed (or boned) injuries on the now deceased bugger! The surviving buggers had stupidly kept up there website of beastly filmed masterpieces, which, yet again premiered, showing convincing evidence of there totally weird beastly behavior. Name suppression was fortunately (for animal lovers too) denied! Except ... for the horse, of-course! As, it's now said, he's moving on from such indepth starring roles ... soon to become ... more of a retiring stagehoof ... a pastured gelding! "Bloody ouch" ... what a bugger!

Beaming on ... now! Suicide bombers and, eternal demise! Very sad that some humans still think (& vilely preach) that blowing your-self up (for some perceived reason) amongst innocent people! Will bring you eternal glory. What a spiritually naive thought! To think some hateful vengeful all-powerful fundamentalist god exists some-where out there, that would love and welcome you (with numerous virgins too) ... for being a terrorizer & murderer of the innocent ... and, in his name too! Shame, they will probably never know the deserved eternal torment of finding out, that they could never have arrived ... into such mystic irrationality. In my humble opinion ... if any prevailing god or gods exists at all ... there resilient but limited powers (with-in Nature) could only have been won, through love and enlightenment, not hate! Any aspiring gods with hate for their own creation ... would always ... lose the plot (like the bombers) & self-destruct into nothingness! Long before they could ever resurrect, even them-selves ... let alone murderers of the innocent! Let god's of worth & creation sort out his or her's (or what-ever) own self created deviIs! And, man-kind grow enough to sort out theres, on this ... one and only! Sad and beautiful, Space-rock Earth.

Anyway, beaming on ... beaming right on, on now. Well, being on one side near a 40th generation Aotearoa New Zealander, who as a child was force-feed all sides of his Whakapapa. Including the knowledge that I am a blue eyed fairly fair skinned direct descendent of Tainui Paramount chief Te Kiwi, via Ngati Mahuta and, as a full voting member of that Iwi, which over-all now has excepted a Crown settlement for lands confiscated, including an open apology for wrongfully being branded as renegades! And ... the only real reason for this branding ... Tainui wouldnít sell their fertile lands to the Crown. Well! wrongs should be righted I say ... and, when should've I got to sit in those Tainui box-seats at Ericson Stadium while the goings were good! Secondly now and, ever a bit more seriously so! It would be of no value what-so-ever, ever having another series of Pakeha / Maori land wars to settle any more outstanding issues. Why? because the Maori have now gained the blending Ace's the pendulumís swung so to speak, the worms turned, you may say. Now instead of the Maori being assimilated by the European as once thought probable and then disappearing down the gurgler of cultural extinction ... they are now assimilating the Pakeha at an ever faster rate. Itís guerrilla war-fare Kiwi style, with some browning of the blend, this time 'round! And ... it sure beats any Milosevic, Bosnian style solutions I still say. So ... why did the Maori cross the road? to try and claim the other side, of-course! And ... like it or not, or more likely fortunately ... we're all on both sides now! Beam it along though Scotty, I still say! And All ... in my ever humbling opinion!


Cheers! Hasta luego! Ka kite Ano!

Daniel Moanaroa Howe.

Updated: 2006